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Alia Johnson Author

I’ve always been enthusiastic about reading, and couldn’t be happier to have turned my passion into a thriving career as a professional Author. I hope you enjoy my journey and the worlds I create. Here you will find samplings of my work, which I invite you to explore and enjoy below.


Recent Books

A Frozen Heart

Available now on Amazon

Sometimes the choices we make can be colder than ice...

When cursed vampire, Princess Odesha, is captured, she fears she won't be able to keep the promise she made her father. Each step she takes across the barren wasteland of snow, is a step farther away from helping the people in the kingdom. In a race against time, she must figure out how to escape the mountain and fulfill her destiny, before the ice takes over her heart completely. But her heart is torn...between the promise she made and a tribe of people whose lead hunter makes her want to bite and never let go.
As the dark presence crosses the ice bringing war, Odesha must choose between saving her frozen heart...or the kingdom she promised to protect.

Secrets of the tribe wait to be discovered...

Mysterious Kunchok is the fearless leader of the hidden tribe on the ice. Tasked with providing food from a dwindling source in a winter like they've never seen, he finds a pale woman running through the dangerous forest. There is something different about her, something that makes his heart beat harder than an orik raid. Instincts kick in and he's overwhelmed with the need to keep her safe. To find out her purpose, he brings her to his tribe only to discover that she doesn't speak his language.
With both of their worlds threatened, Kunchok must decide whether to save his princess...or his tribe on the brink of starvation.

A Golden Heart

Pre-order available now on Amazon

The fire inside her will scorch the land...

With deep scars that never healed, Princess Vashti decides to travel to Antiqua to visit her sister. She didn't expect to be captured and thrown into a box only to be sold at an auction. Using her deadly powers to escape, Vashti must choose whether to journey to the forbidden volcano or further into the Forest to stay hidden. 

In Baklan she will fight...

A vast demon Horde waits for the Trials of Baklan to begin the Hunt. Vashti may not have wanted to join the competition, but to escape and save her sister, she will have to survive, while trying not to fall for the menacing Horde King that watches her every move.

Baklan has many secrets that hunger to be revealed.

The ones Vashti hides will bring war to its gates. 


About the Author

Storyteller at Heart


"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau



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